Project Description


  • Subproject name: DWS Domestic Water Supply System – North Ham Thuan district

  • Sub-project Ca Tot Reservoir – Bac Binh district

The area covered by this project is very important for the socio-economic development of the BinhThuan province that is a coastal province in the South Central Region special for the environmental status, therefore the priority assigned by the local public administration to this project.

The total land area of the province is 782,846 hectares with a population in 2015 of 1,157,322 people.

Hydrological characteristics

Binh Thuan doesn’t have large rivers only rather medium sized rivers (catchments’ areas from 100 – 10,000 km²) and rather small rivers (catchment’s acreage less than 100 km²). In the province there are in total 34 medium sized rivers, among them there are 3 rivers with catchment’s acreage over 1,000 km² (Luy River, La Nga River and Cai River-PhanThiet) and the remaining are small.

The main characteristic of the stream rivers of BinhThuan province is that they have short and steep slope. Due to the topographical characteristic of BinhThuan province, the river flows through various rainfall zones, so that the flow regime is also varied. Even along the same river their hydrological and hydraulic characteristics vary depending upon the zones crossed.

The water system project is divided into two different sub-projects:

  • Ham Tuan Bac Drinkable Water Supply (DWS)
  • Ca Tot Dam-Reservoir and Main Irrigation Canal (CTR)

Below, a short description of the main elements of each sub-project :

  • The Sub-Project Ham Tuan Bac Drinkable Water Supply (DWS) is structured :

To provide the Client with a Technical Infrastructure for Drinkable Water Supply to serve 13/17 municipality of North Ham Thuan Bac District. And a new Drinking Water Treatment Plant of  about 10.000 m3 /day.  The total capacity of the new system will meet the demand for drinking water of almost 140.000 inhabitants including households, schools, medical stations, government offices, market and business;

  • The Sub-Project Ca Tot Dam-Reservoir and Main Irrigation Canal (CTR) is structured:

To provide the Client with a new reservoir (Ca Tot) and its Main Irrigation Canal to irrigate 1.500 ha of agricultural land and to quench the thirst of  30.000 cattle breeding and 11.000 people in Bac Binh District  3 communes of Phan Thien, Song Luy, Binh Tan;

The main project aim is to propose and design cost effective solutions for the short and long terms benefit of the Client in order to guarantee the proper quality of fresh water for the inhabitants of the Province and for agriculture purposes and to transfer technology and training programme to the PMU of Binh Thuan.

The contract comprehends the revision of Feasibility study and Basic design update, topographical and geological surveys, detailed design, preparation of tender documents and work supervision.

Keywords: Vietnam; water supply; bidding documents; drinking water treatment; Project Management Unit of Binh Thuan; Ca Tot; Ham Thuan Bac

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